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Home Alarm System Benefits

You already know:

Homes with a security system are 15 times less likely to be burglarized. Homeowner insurance policies usually offer substantial discounts for homes equipped with an alarm system

So, the decision becomes not if you need a home security system, but who should install it for you? AMA Alarms, Inc., are your local security professionals. We recommend home security systems tailored to the unique needs of each home.


You will receive extensive training on how to operate your home security system. This means we’ll stay with you until you’re comfortable operating the new security system. We stand behind you and your new system 24/7, 365 days per year.


Our extended warranties cover your equipment for the life of your contract.  We are a local company, so if you need us, we'll service your system quickly and professionally.  

Let us show you the advantages a hometown security firm can provide through reliable, comprehensive security systems at an affordable price.

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